i'm logan,
i build user

I believe in the beauty of the bare essentials


Patterns helps people cope with chronic health issues. It can quantify and track any aspect of your life. Patterns can even suggest correlations to help you understand how your habits affect your health, and crowdsource users' problems to recommend solutions. I conceived of and designed the app, it's currently in development.


Badoonga lets you know the second your favorite artists are playing a nearby event. It works like twitter: follow artists and friends, and you'll see events they post or attend on your feed. The site was inspired by concert posters and structured to show at-a-glance information when users need it. I designed and built the frontend of the service, which is in pre-alpha.


Experience Labs partners with social organizations to host events. They take care of logistics, the organization takes care of the guest list. I designed and developed the site and the company's branding to appeal to partygoers and professionals alike. It includes an easy CMS that allows the owners to manage content simply by clicking any element.


Finding college housing sucks, On My Block is going to change that. OMB lets students talk to each other about housing, rather than realtors. The interface is streamline to show students what they want to see. This redesign is in the mockup phase.


Favorite9 is a concept intended to help expecting new mothers find essential products based on their unique lifestyle, determined by a 9-question quiz. It broken up into large single-question slides to help users focus and keep things moving, and the minimal UI allows the products to shine.


...if you're just looking for something pretty. I want to get deeply involved in your project and understand it from the ground up. You have a problem to solve, let's build the best possible solution.

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